I taught my children to go to the toilet at the age of 1.5


I taught my children to go to the toilet at the age of 1.5. You don’t need to clean, and your kids enjoy it

What is the best time to teach children to use the toilet?

The best time to teach your child to go to the toilet is when his or her interest in cooperation and parents is ready. There is no set timeline for when teaching a child is best. Most children, after 1.5 years of age, can learn to use the toilet on their own. However, remember unless the child is interested and shows signs of cooperation. If not, don’t force it. You will fail before you start

Teach children to enjoy going to the toilet before making them sit in the potty

Children at an early age often learn to imitate adults. At this time, what you sow in the baby’s head will be absorbed quickly. Therefore, create the excitement of going to the toilet by yourself.

Honey, I have to go to the bathroom. You’ll wait outside. Wow … this is so pleasant. Do you like imitating mom?

Repeat several times, at least about a week. Babies will get used to and extremely curious

2, Prepare appropriate equipment: a miniature toilet seat for example

Children often enjoy new things and tend to protect their objects. Mom, tell me. Whenever you want to pee or poop, just let me know. I will give you a climb on the toilet seat just like me.

Teach your children to identify their things, let them sit, and try to feel the excitement. You have to think of ways to make your child like those things. When they like, they are extremely cooperative.

You can see how to choose the best toilet equipment for children here:

3, Teach children to relax, enjoy comfortably, go to the toilet like a trip

You can express emotions to encourage your baby. Mom can pretend to imitate a “poop” or say poo-poo comfortably. Babies may laugh and be interested in the way moms do it. He will automatically suggest when requested because he likes it.

4, Set the time to defecate on time

If you feed your baby to sleep on time, scientifically, he’ll go to the toilet on time. You will save a lot of hard work. You can practice singing a children’s song every time it’s time to go to the toilet, for example. Like a knockout, then you can eat like that: listen to your mother’s song and start going to the bathroom

5, Praise children – extremely important

Your child may not be able to speak yet but will understand the emotions you create. More than just going to the toilet, you can create positive, negative emotions when you support or criticize your baby. Children will know what they are being praised, not allowed to do. Repeat it many times, remember, repeat it several times to form a habit.

6, Try again, try again, innovate the method and don’t give up

It’s hard to expect success the first time you teach your baby to practice the toilet but try several times again if you want to teach your child to be independent. The end of this is that children can be independent; you can relax, teach children to act like adults. Just a push of a button, all dirt will dissolve, why should I clean my face. Every great success begins with the smallest things. Mom needs perseverance and understands what your child needs?


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